At Eluchans, we are continuously keeping up with the times. The number of lawyers in the firm, professional service areas and clients have all grown, but we have never stopped delivering what has been our distinctive characteristic for decades: a personalized service of excellence.

Professional Excellence

As endorsed by clients that have been with us for decades, excellence is a distinctive mark of our firm.

Personalized Service

Providing a personalized service focused on the objectives of our clients is an essential trait of our firm.


Eluchans is one of the most traditional law firms in Chile. It dates back to 1914, when Carlos Urenda Trigo (1891 1961) formed the law firm called Estudio Urenda in Valparaíso, subsequently known as Urenda & Eluchans, and split years later, leading to the creation of Eluchans y Cía, now Eluchans Abogados.

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